Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I'm thinking #2

I believe it's necessary something akin to the Godwin's law to deter mentioning geocentrism as an analogy of an overcame paradigm ("...people used to believe that the sun turned around the Earth...").

There's something about the overuse of that paradigm in conferences, lectures and discussions that I don't really like: maybe it's too cliche, maybe I'm tired of hearing it, but my mission will be to find out what lies behind when people tend to use it so much, if there's something to be found.

[Godwins law tl;dr:
The larger grows a discussion, the probability of using an analogy involving Hitler or the nazi regime approaches 1.
Corollary: When an analogy with Hitler or the nazis is mentioned, it's a symtom that the discussion has been stagnated or wasted, and it should be stopped immediately]

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